(DIY) Galaxy Pattern

so, hello guys!
this is my second post and this is d.i.y again.
today i gonna post some steps 'how to make your own galaxy'

here are the things that you will need:

1. acrylic paint. (i think it will be better if you buy some colours that matches with the real colour of galaxy)


2. sponge, toothbrush and a small paint-brush



3. hotpants or shirt 


 so guys this is some steps to follow:

1.create circles using the sponge in any area where the darkest shade is in the outer most and the lightest on the inner most. actualyl, You can have find a picture to serve as your inspiration. In the outer most part of each circle, make sure to blend well by sponging lightly as you go.



2. of course there is a stars in our galaxy. lets make some stars use this toothbrush.

place white paint on the toothbrush and with your thumb, flick the brush to the shorts
just like this
this is the result


the final touches is let your pants dry. you can use hair-dryer.

you can apply this d.i.y to all your stuff like clothes, wedges, sneakers.


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